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The “Enigmatic Station” is a project based on several music styles which are embodied by a common concept - Enigmatic. This concept also has direct relevance to “Enigma (musical project)" which originally initiated the "enigmatic music" label. The music streamed on “Enigmatic Station" is permeated by rhythm inherited from time immemorial by different nations and religions. This music affects the feelings and moods that are always inherent in every person.


Enigmatic radio stations:

Enigmatic Station I— !Number One Enigmatic Station !. Style: New age, Enigmatic, Gregorian chant, World ethno, Downtempo, Chill out, Instrumental...


Enigmatic SunshineMusic for a good mood. Style: New age, instrumental, world, ethno

Headliner: Deep Forest, Amure, Era, Gregorian,David Thomas,Age Of Echoes

Enigmatic Station III— Here you will find the songs that you can only hear the heart. Style: Ambient, Chillout, New Age, Atmospheric Breaks, Easy Listening, Lounge, Psy Chill,, Vocal House, Instrumental.


Enigmatic ImmersionA mysterious station, immersing yourself in other worlds, measuring, yourself ... wherever you are fantasized. Calm, deep music in styles, ambient, psy chill, new age will help immerse your consciousness in other condition: Sleep, Meditation, or becomes stimulating thought background

Headliner : Enigma, Messiah Project, Flaer Smin, Anhidema,Twins In Mind, Palagra and other....

Enigmatic Drive Energetic enigmatic, ambient, ethno. Excellent support for the active work, exercise, driving and computer games

Headliner : Enigma, Messiah Project, Delerium, Nacho Sotomayor, Side Liner

Enigmatic SensesMusic of love, feelings, relationships, romantic. Beautiful compositions of all times and genres.

Headliner: Lana Del Rey, Mylène Farmer, Sade, Vargo,Enigma, Schiller,Gary B and etc...As well as the most romantic mixes from Oleg_I and other DJs

Selection of videoclips on YouTube.

Мы сделали для Вас небольшую подборку видеоклипов на сайте YouTube. Эта коллекция постоянно пополняется. Заходите и смотрите . Или можете сами принять участие в её составлении. Если Вы нашли видеоролик, подходящий по содержанию тематике станции, зайдите на сайт в нашу группу

и предложите его для всеобщего обозрения.

Let us hope that our music will be your companion for the day, setting up a spiritual harmony and the right rhythm of life,
Enter the world of the mysterious music, the waves Enigmatic Station.

Help to us ...

Наш проект существует за счёт энтузиазма нескольких людей, и абсолютно безвозмездно для Вас. Но для того, чтобы музыка звучала - мы ежемесячно оплачиваем хостинг и сервер радиовещания.

Мы будем рады и признательны за любую помощь.

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